Hemani Herbal in This Covid-19 Pandemic:

Hemani Herbal in This Covid-19 Pandemic:

Since the world is “far from victory” in its fight against coronavirus and news of a novel and deadly virus spreading across the globe may be terrifying because the COVID has been another variant of SARS virus that has stirred anxiety all across the globe with its pandemic, contagion nature. Like anyone else, we are highly concerned for our customers and want them to take all necessary precautions in order to fight the current crises. We have decided to sell a range of products that not only boosts immunity but also prevents the COVID spread that relies heavily on human-human interaction.

Personal Hygiene Products

Respiratory viruses like coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spread when mucus or droplets containing the virus get into your body through your eyes, nose, or throat. Most often, this happens through your hands. Hands are also one of the most common ways that the virus spreads from one person to the next.

Hemani Anti-bacterial hand wash sanitizer
Hemani Sanitizer has become a favorite among the Pakistanis cause of its pleasant fragrance, and the plus point is it does NOT dry out your hands; https://pk.hemaniherbals.com/product/hand-sanitizer-anti-bacterial-250ml/

Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer
Hand sanitizers can help reduce our risk of catching certain infections, especially in situations when soap and water aren’t available. They’re also proven to be effective in reducing the number and type of microbes.
This is not only an alcohol-based hand sanitizer but also effective at killing many types of bacteria, including MRSA and E coli. It is also effective against many viruses, including the influenza A virus, rhinovirus, hepatitis A virus, HIV, and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus.

Hand Wash
Washing your hands can protect you and your loved ones. As this virus with contagion nature spreads globally, more and more health experts are emphasizing the importance of washing hands frequently.
Washing hands with our anti-bacterial hand washes are one of the simplest and most effective ways of killing off any viruses you may have come into contact with. Washing hands with our hand wash is the best and most consistent way of preventing the spread of the coronavirus – and reducing the risk of contracting it.

Anti-Bacterial Wipes
Easy to use, acetone-free wipes in a convenient pack. Makes the applied area soft and smooth, and leaves a cooling effect. A unique bubbling effect helps to break down and decolorize any marks. Also, a non-toxic alternative that uses live enzyme-producing cultures. Keep these wipes in your purse or desk drawer to clean your hands if you have gone out of the hand wash or the sanitizer. They’re formulated without harsh chemicals.

Peppermint Soap
During a global pandemic, one of the cheapest, easiest, and most important ways to prevent the spread of a virus is using our Tea Tree & Peppermint Oil because one of the most consistent COVID-19 messages from health officials has been the importance of good personal hygiene.
Hemani Herbal’s Tea Tree & Peppermint Soap has anti-bacterial, antiviral & antifungal properties which will help in keeping the bacteria and viruses away from you and your loved ones.
Showering should be adopted as a daily habit and washing hands should be adopted as a repetitive habit during the day especially before touching your face/eating food and after touching any external surface/another person.

Boost the Immunity

From adapting to habits of social distancing, frequent hand washing and many others, we need to focus on our immunity-boost as well. Below are the products that can help in boosting the immunity to fight this pandemic.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, Hemani took responsibility to provide support and relief to its huge Hemani & WB online customers. We have distributed around 15,000 Immunity Boosting Kit for free with every online order.

Black Seeds Oil
While people with weakened immune systems and the elderly are more likely to become critically ill the younger and healthy in China and elsewhere have also succumbed to the virus. So, boosting immunity is vital these days, drinking Black Seeds Oil in warm water before breakfast and after dinner can boost the immunity and provide the required strength to fight sicknesses.

Kalonji/ Black Seeds Powder
The Holy Prophet (s) said, “There is healing in Black Cumin for all diseases except death”. So, boost your immune and trust nature. Hemani Herbal’s Kalonji Powder protects and strengthens your inside out while containing all the health benefits you need.

Clove Oil
The immune system provides a powerful defense against germs and bacteria entering the body. But when our immune systems weaken, we can be vulnerable to disease and infection, so it’s important to take preventative steps to strengthen the immune system’s function before this occurs.
Clove oil contains higher antioxidant levels. Antioxidants offer powerful, effective protection for your body and cells against their oxidative stress, by blunting the damaging effects of free radicals thereby it can boost the immunity well.

Immunity-Boosting Kit
We were also sending the Complimentary Immunity Boosting Kit with each and every online order being dispatched. This kit contained:
– Black Seeds Oil (Fights diseases and boosts the immunity)
– Honey (Anti-bacterial & Antiviral)
– Harmal (its smoke kills the bacteria)
– Cold & Cough tea (Blend of herbs to comfort throat)

Stay away from flu, cough or any respiratory symptoms

‘SHIFA’, means curing and healing. Honey is described as a source of healing in the Holy Quran.
Consuming Honey during this time of outbreak can be vital for developing internal strength to fight with COVID-19.
Naturally a powerhouse of antioxidants and phytonutrients that have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that are effective in boosting the immune system and fight sickness.

Throat Comfort Herbal Wellness Tea
This tea is tailored with the perfect combination of herbs to soothe dry coughs and sore throats. It possesses compounds that can enhance the immune system and offer added defense against illnesses that tend to occur more often this time of year.

Lemon Ginger Tea
Specially formulated with adaptogens and other herbs that are purported to boost immunity, focus, calm, or more things you generally want.

Cold & Cough Wellness Tea
Adding Cold and Cough Wellness Tea into your routine during this Covid-19 pandemic season is a wonderful way to support your overall wellness of the respiratory system. This remedy will help cold-sufferers feel better. It soothes your throat and breaks up congestion.

Eucalyptus Oil
Hemani Herbal’s Eucalyptus Oil can be added in few drops to boiling water in order to inhale its steam. This will help in decongesting the nasal passages along with keeping you and loved ones away from the cold and flu.

Licorice Tea
Licorice tea is considered for its medicinal properties to treat respiratory problems. It helps the body fight with the phlegm and supports to produce healthy mucus. It keeps the respiratory system functioning without old, sticky mucus clogging it.

Clean and Disinfect

Cleaning & disinfecting your surroundings frequently can play an important role to hinder the spread of COVID-19. You can use Hemani Herbal’s Essential Oils to clean & disinfect surfaces, air, and even yourself.

Herbal Oils for disinfecting
Variety of herbal oils to choose from to disinfect your homes and surrounding surfaces. Tip: mix two or more oils to create a fragrant fusion of freshness. https://pk.hemaniherbals.com/?s=30ml+oil&product_cat=antibacterial&post_type=product

Harmal (also known as Aspand)
As per the narratives of Aimma Tahireen (s.a) It is an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal herb, that naturally kills the germs and bacteria in the air with its smoke. It helps relieve asthma and other respiratory difficulties.

Lemon Oil
It can be used with distilled water to clean and disinfect surfaces.

Tea Tree Oil
It can be mixed with water and sprayed on surfaces & in the air to disinfect and freshen up the atmosphere.

Peppermint Oil
It can be added in the diffuser to purify the air and kill mosquitoes.

Lavender Oil
A few drops of lavender oil can be added into the washing machine to disinfect clothes.

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