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Hemani Safe & Protective Kit

Rs 1,490.00

Helpful in protecting against Covid-19, this Safe & Protective Kit includes products that will help you stay safe & protected from harmful viruses. 😷 🧫 🦠

ImmuniTea - Herbal Relief Tea for Immunity

Rs 1,490.00

A mighty relief tea, with a blend of powerful healing herbs. The tea helps in strengthening your immunity and helps to stay protected from viruses

ImmunGargle - Herbal Relief Oil for Sore Throat

Rs 450.00 Rs 387.00

Oil for Gargling | Made with 100% Natural Actives🌿

ImmuNazal - Herbal Nasal Drops for Blocked Nose

Rs 450.00 Rs 387.00

Made with 100% Natural Essential Oils 🌿 | Helps Protect from Illness-causing Virus, Germs & Bacteria | Helps Clear the Nasal 👃 Blockages

ImmunOil - Herbal Relief Oil for Nose & Chest Congestion 10ml

Rs 505.00 Rs 434.30

💯 100% Natural Actives Essential Oil 🌿 Made with an Essential Blend of 3 Herbs ♨️ For Steam Inhalation