Black Seed & Flax Seed 60ml Oil

Black Seed & Flax Seed 60ml Oil

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100% Herbal and Natural | Cold-pressed Oils | Nutritious and Antioxidant Blackseed | Omega 3 Rich Flaxseed | Supports All-round Health and Wellbeing


The amazing benefits and goodness of two beneficial oils-in-one, make Hemani’s Blackseed & Flaxseed Oil a nutritious herbal tonic to support overall health & well-being.

Anti-inflammatory Black Seed Oil helps stabilize blood pressure and cholesterol, improving heart, and skin health while supporting the body’s various functions.

Flaxseed Oil is rich in Omega 3 and contains slimming properties that may further support digestive and gut health. It helps reduce inflammation, improve & enhance bone, kidney, and brain functions.

A 2in1 oil packed with nutrition, minerals and proteins.

• Antioxidant-rich with anti-inflammatory properties
• Rich source of plant-based protein and Omega-3
• Nourishes and improves skin and hair
• May help protect against aging, infections, and pain

Can be applied topically or taken orally.

Suggested usage:
Consume one teaspoon with warm water. Ideal for salad dressings or garnishing soups.


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