Dr. Herbalist Ginger Powder 100gm

Dr. Herbalist Ginger Powder 100gm


Dr. Herbalist Ginger Powder 100gm

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Pure & natural supplement – externally for strengthening hair follicles & hair growth; internally for general skin & Ginger powder also clears sore throat & useful in common cold & cough, where there is immunity suppression & fever sets in. Ginger helps to remove extra phlegm from bronchus and respiratory tract & reduce symptoms of acute bronchitis / sinusitises and headache / body ache. On long term basis, it is also helpful as hot water infusion drink like herbal tea in evening to relieve symptoms of Rheumatic conditions like joint heaviness, pain, warmness etc. Externally when applied over affected joint area or forehead with warm water/ eucalyptus oil as local stimulant & rubefacient as a pain killer.

Ginger powder herbal tea when consumed regularly acts as anti-oxidant, removing blockages from blood vessels and re-energize lungs to get more oxygen level Reduces flatulence & spasm of stomach Clears sore throat & useful in common cold & cough



Take ¼ to ½ teaspoon with 2 teaspoon honey & 1 teaspoon powdered stevia powder twice daily, or ½ tea spoon with 1 cup salted zeera water.

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