Honey 24K Gold Flakes with Pure Bulgarian Rose Extract

Honey 24K Gold Flakes with Pure Bulgarian Rose Extract

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Unique Mix of Luxurious 24K Edible Gold Flakes in Rich Sidr Honey with Delicate Bulgarian Rose

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Premium. Lavish. Exceptional.
This is the premium and unique creation of 24k edible Gold flakes sumptuously folded in Sidr Honey with floral Bulgarian Rose extract, which adds the touch of a luxurious experience with enhanced health and wellness.
Excellently rich in nutrition Sidr Honey
 Has a buttery sweet taste.
 It has antibacterial and healing effects and
 May strengthen the immune system
 Presence of antioxidants may enhance sharp memory.
Bulgarian Rose Extract
 Divinely flavourful and aromatic
 Possesses a wide range of health and skin benefits
 Its abundance in antioxidants help prevent free radical damage and boost healthy skin cell growth
 It may also act as an anti-inflammatory.
Edible 24K Gold Flakes
 Known for its therapeutic properties.
 Gold combined with Honey promotes longevity and prolonged wellness.


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