Honey Spoons


A healthy sweetening alternative in innovative, easy to use and convenient to carry spoons.



An innovative sweetener in a spoon, with the recommended quantity for sweetening making it a healthy alternative to sugar.

In 12 Delicious Flavours!

Kalonji – An antioxidant power blend

A powerful combo of ✔️Antioxidants, ✔️ antibacterial, and ✔️ anti-inflammatory properties, reduces cell damage that destroys free radicals, promotes digestive well-being, heals wounds, and infections enhancing immunity.


Cinnamon – Regulates blood sugar levels

With ✔️ antioxidant and ✔️ antimicrobial properties, it aids in wound healing, promoting weight loss and a stronger immune system, helping to lower cholesterol levels, and the risk of heart diseases.

Ginger – Boosts immune system

Naturally ✔️ soothing with ✔️ antibacterial and ✔️ antiviral properties, helps in flushing out toxins, improving digestion and helps prevent infections.

Royal Jelly – Rich source of vitamins

Highly nutritious with ✔️ antioxidant, ✔️ antibacterial, and ✔️ anti-inflammatory properties, and is packed with health benefits. It increases resistance to fatigue, eases PMS and supports wound healing.

Turmeric – Boosts immunity system

Powerful ✔️ anti-inflammatory properties and ✔️ rich in antioxidants make it great for the skin, healing wounds, curing allergies and eases cough and cold.

Propolis – Fights against bacteria

Full of ✔️ antioxidants, helpful in healing wound, relieving sore throat, cold and flu, soothes and treats seasonal allergies due to its ✔️ antifungal, ✔️ antimicrobial and ✔️ anti-inflammatory properties making it helpful in wound healing,

Saffron – Promotes overall well-being

With strong ✔️ antioxidant and ✔️ anti-inflammatory properties, it is used to rejuvenate and stimulate blood circulation, and as a nervine sedative to calm nerves.

Hakim – A physician of all remedies

Densely packed with ✔️ nutrient-rich Ginseng, Propolis and, Royal Jelly, Asal al Hakim restores and enhances general well-being, loaded with ✔️ antioxidants, vitamins, and ✔️ anti-inflammatory properties to increase wound healing and improving mental health and vitality.

Ginseng – Energy and immune system booster

Nutrient-rich and an excellent source of ✔️ antioxidants and ✔️ anti-inflammatory properties, it may regulate blood sugar levels, enhance brain function and fight fatigue. Also good for digestive health as well as vitality.

Sidr – Maintains gut and treats infections

Organic, pure and raw honey harvested from the Sidr trees, strengthens the immune system, improving vitality, treats digestive and liver ailments.

Pure Honey – A phytonutrient powerhouse

A good source of ✔️ antioxidants with ✔️ antibacterial and ✔️ antifungal properties that can help maintain blood sugar levels, improving cholesterol, digestive issues and heals wounds.

new ! Licorice – Eases Digestion, Cough and Sore Throat

Licorice is naturally sweet and supports healthy body functions. It is helpful in easing sore throat and cough, preventing phlegm, and stimulating digestion.

Suggested Usage:
▪️ Open the covering, and consume from the spoon by itself or sweeten tea.
▪️ Can be had with warm water in the morning to aid metabolism & weight loss.
▪️ Can be topically applied to help treat wounds, cuts & burns.
▪️ Works as a beauty fix – Spot on a pimple or as a mask on full-face to add a natural glow.

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10 Sachets In Each Box


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