Superfood – Maca Bio Root Powder

Superfood – Maca Bio Root Powder

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⭐ Rich Source of Vitamin C, Iron Carbs, Nutrition, Fiber ⭐ Low in Fat ⭐ Antioxidant & Adaptogen ⭐ Ideal for Increasing Energy, Strength & Endurance ⭐ Supports Cardiovascular, Nervous, Brain & Lymphatic Functions ⭐ May Promote Fertility in Men & Women ⭐ Hormone Balancing ⭐ Mood Enhancing


Introducing highly nutritious SUPERFOOD, packed with antioxidants, nutrition, vitamins & minerals.

Dr. Herbalist By Hemani Herbal’s new & wellness-promoting seeds & powder are great to be added to your diet plans into a smoothie, soup, salad, and more! Discover our flavourful quality superfoods for your various health-boosting fixes – Black Seeds | Chia Seeds | Flaxseeds | Garden Cress Seeds | Moringa Bio Leaves Powder | Maca Bio Root Powder | Whole Grain White Quinoa.

🔸 Source of many minerals, vitamins & antioxidants
🔸 Improves immunity, enhances mood
🔸 Increases strength, stamina & energy
🔸 Reduces tiredness & fatigue


Maca Bio Root Powder is derived from the root vegetable that is revered in Ayurveda Medicine. Maca has beneficial effects in balancing hormones and increasing fertility and libido in men and women. It is most famously know and praised for its ability to enhance energy, strength, and endurance. Maca also improves brain function, and it can help in reducing blood sugar levels. Maca root powder is a good source of carbohydrate, low in fat and contains a fair amount of fiber. It is high in some essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, copper and iron.

✔️ Remarkable hormone, mood and strength enhancing properties

✔️ Highly nutritious

✔️ Can be taken as a supplement or added to milk, smoothies, porridges, energy bars, and more

✔️ Known as an adaptogen, which means ‘adapting’ to your unique needsstabilizes metabolism, cardiovascular, nervous, lymphatic system, by bringing them into balance

✔️ Adaptogens also boost immunity, improve symptoms of menopause, enhance mood and, improve your mental well-being


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