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Dr Herbalist Superfood - Chia Seed

⭐ Rich In Omega 3, Protein, Fiber, Calcium, Iron ⭐ Antioxidant Properties ⭐ Improves Energy, Skin & Hair Health ⭐ Supports Digestion & Weight Loss ⭐ Great Substitute for Egg ⭐ Vegan Friendly Protein
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Manufacturers: Hemani Herbal , Dr Herbalist
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Introducing highly nutritious SUPERFOOD, packed with antioxidants, nutrition, vitamins & minerals.

Dr. Herbalist By Hemani Herbal's new & wellness-promoting super seeds & powders are great to be added to your diet plans into a smoothie, soup, salad, and more! Discover our flavourful quality superfoods for your various health-boosting fixes - Black Seeds | Chia Seeds | Flaxseeds Garden Cress Seeds | Moringa Bio Leaves Powder | Maca Bio Root Powder | Whole Grain White Quinoa.

🔸 Rich source of nutrition, Omega 3, fiber & protein
🔸 Helps in weight loss & increases energy levels
🔸 Promotes youthful skin & hair
🔸 Acts as a substitute for egg


Chia Seeds are an excellent source of Omega 3s, Protein, and fiber. Just tablespoons of chia seeds contain 64% more potassium than a banana, 6x time calcium than milk, 100% more omega 3 fatty acids than salmon, 6x more iron than spinach, 32% of your daily magnesium, more niacin than corn, rice & soy, 41% of your daily fibre, and double the antioxidants found in blueberries. Great for keeping hunger at bay.

✔️ Loaded with antioxidants, essential nutrients like omega-3s, iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium

✔️ Fulfills your daily need for protein, fibre & nutrition, lavish with omega-3 fats

✔️ Between all the fiber they contain (5 grams per tablespoon) and their liquid-binding power, chia seeds can be a powerful force against the munchies – aiding weight loss

✔️ Supports a healthy complexionincreased energy, and overall weight

✔️ Incorporate them into your day – make them into a pudding, use them as a topping, mix them in muffins and snacks, and fuel up your smoothies & refreshing drinks.


Ultimate Nutrition Boost, Inside-out!

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