Hair Serum

Almond Hair Tonic

Rs 300.00

Argan Hair Serum

Rs 650.00

Be Sleek Hair Serum

Rs 725.00

Hair Polisher 60ml

Rs 630.00

Hair Tonic - Aloe Vera

Rs 300.00

Hair Tonic - Argan

Rs 300.00

Hair Tonic - Garlic

Rs 300.00

Hair Tonic - Lavender

Rs 300.00

Hair Tonic - Mint & Aloe Vera

Rs 300.00

Naturistic - Hair Mask | 120ml

Rs 650.00 Rs 455.00

• helps repair dull and damaged hair by providing natural nourishment. • contains natural ingredients like argan oil, macadamia oil and linseed oil that make the hair smooth and shiny. • 100% organic

Naturistic - Organic Argan Oil with Vitamin E

Rs 1,050.00

• Enriched with vitamin E is a versatile oil that exfoliates, tones and moisturizes the skin, helps reduce acne, stretch marks, dryness and roughness. • It conditions the nails and moisturizes cuticles, heals cracked lips while making them soft and smooth,• A perfect leave-in hair conditioner as it makes hair easier to style, repairs split ends, tames frizz and adds a healthy shine. • Add this oil to your daily beauty routine for head to toe nourishment