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Hair Oil

Onion Hair Oil 200ml

Rs 375.00 Rs 318.75

🌿 Made with Natural Herbal Oils ▪️ 🥥 With Black Seed & Coconut • Stimulates Hair Growth • For All Hair Types

Coconut Hair Oil 500ml - Blue

Rs 635.00 Rs 539.75

Hemani Eczema Hair Oil

Rs 790.00 Rs 671.50

Made with 100% Herbal Oils 🌿 Effective For Dandruff & Hair Fall ✅ Suitable for Sensitive, Dry & Eczema Affected Skin

Herbal Hair Oil For Hair Lengthening - Zait Al Jadayl | 200ml

Rs 1,250.00 Rs 1,062.50

Zait Jadayl contains the best mixture of herbs used for hair lengthening.

Coconut Hair Oil 100ml

Rs 175.00 Rs 148.75

Coconut Hair Oil 200ml

Rs 305.00 Rs 259.25

Coconut Hair Oil 1Ltr

Rs 1,100.00 Rs 935.00

Coconut Hair Oil 5in1 200ml

Rs 200.00 Rs 170.00

Snake Hair Oil 60ml

Rs 630.00 Rs 535.50

Naturistic - Organic Argan Oil with Vitamin E

Rs 1,200.00 Rs 600.00

• Enriched with vitamin E is a versatile oil that exfoliates, tones and moisturizes the skin, helps reduce acne, stretch marks, dryness and roughness. • It conditions the nails and moisturizes cuticles, heals cracked lips while making them soft and smooth,• A perfect leave-in hair conditioner as it makes hair easier to style, repairs split ends, tames frizz and adds a healthy shine. • Add this oil to your daily beauty routine for head to toe nourishment

Naturistic - Vitamin E Oil

Rs 575.00 Rs 287.50

• Provides the nutrients and antioxidants essential for healthy skin, hair and body. • Reduces acne, stretch marks, blemishes, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. • Strengthens nails, promotes hair growth and treats split ends.

Naturistic Hair Mask 120ml

Rs 1,050.00 Rs 525.00

• helps repair dull and damaged hair by providing natural nourishment. • contains natural ingredients like argan oil, macadamia oil and linseed oil that make the hair smooth and shiny. • 100% organic

2in1 Hair Oil - Almond & Coconut

Rs 300.00 Rs 255.00

2in1 Hair Oil - Black Seed & Henna

Rs 300.00 Rs 255.00

2in1 Hair Oil - Green Grass & Zait Al Hayee

Rs 600.00 Rs 510.00

2in1 Hair Oil - Olive & Almond

Rs 300.00 Rs 255.00

Almond Herbal Hair Oil 100ml

Rs 220.00 Rs 187.00

Almond Herbal Hair Oil 200ml

Rs 375.00 Rs 318.75