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Facial Beauty Oil

Skin Relief Body Serum 200ml

Rs 1,955.00

🌿 Made with Natural Actives • For Sensitive Skin • With Aloe Vera, Calendula, and Peptides ✅ Ideal for All Skin Types

WB Ozonated Olive Oil with Vitamin E 30ml

Rs 1,435.00

🌿 100% Natural • Oxygen-Infused Oil • Ideal for Dry Skin

Naturistic - Face & Body Oil

Rs 1,155.00

Naturistic - Freckle Oil

Rs 1,085.00 Rs 759.50

• Beneficial in reducing freckles and pigmentation. • Reduces roughness and dryness while soothing the skin. • Helps reduce scars, spots and freckles. • Make your skin clear, soft and smooth