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Face Mask

URBAN SHIELD Anti Pollution Peel Off Face Mask

Rs 910.00 Rs 546.00

• Rejuvenate your skin • Strengthen skin health • with Bulgarian Rose Water and Pearl Powder | 120ml

NH - AcnoZap Face Scrub & Mask 2in1 50ml

Rs 2,200.00

ACNOZAP 2in1 Face Scrub & Mask is the second step in this acne-treatment range which helps exfoliate and detox the skin.

NH - Vite n Glow Pigmentation Corrector Face Scrub & Mask 2in1 50ml

Rs 2,200.00

VITE N GLOW 2in1 Face Scrub & Mask is the second-step as a pigmentation corrector which helps to exfoliate and detox.

Age Control 3in1 Face Wash + Scrub + Mask

Rs 990.00 Rs 594.00

• Anti-aging • Enhances collagen production • 100% Vegan | 100ml

Pearly Glow Gold - Peel Off Mask

Rs 1,150.00 Rs 690.00

• Can reduce the appearance of sun damage • Prevents premature aging • 100% Vegan

Natural Whitening Solutions Scrub Mud Mask

Rs 800.00 Rs 480.00

• 2 in 1 formula • Lightens & Brightens • Purifying Face Mask | 100ml

Youthful+ Face Mask

Rs 950.00 Rs 570.00

• It is beneficial to achieve healthy and supple skin. • Helps the skin maintain its elasticity • It helps to maintain the hydration of the skin

Natural Moisture Wave Face Mask

Rs 850.00

• Naturally rich on vitamins A, E and F, beneficial for soothing skin irritations. • Nourishes for refreshed and smooth skin, naturally. • 100% organic.

No Acne Naturally - Charcoal Face Mask

Rs 625.00

"• formulated for deep pore cleansing, removing blackheads and preventing acne • maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance • prevent fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots "

Clay It! Clay Mask with Aloe Vera

Rs 750.00

• Deeply cleanses • Exfoliates • Improves detoxification

Pearly Glow Gold - Gel Face Mask

Rs 1,950.00

Whitening+ Platinum - Gel Face Mask

Rs 1,950.00

Clay It! Clay Mask with Cucumber

Rs 990.00

Oil Control - 2in1 Cleansing Cream & Face Mask

Rs 875.00

• Regulates sebum secretion • Minimizes pores, acne and wrinkles • Tones and brightens skin