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Hair Mask

Garlion 2in1 Hair Mask & Conditioner with Onion & Garlic

Rs 1,590.00 Rs 1,272.00

🌿 Infused with Onion, Garlic & Pro-Vitamin B5 💯 Deep Conditioning ✅ Ideal for All Hair Types

Miracle Hair Mask

Rs 550.00 Rs 440.00

Intensive Care Therapy Aloe Vera Hair Mask

Rs 990.00 Rs 792.00

• Provides moisturizing and regenerating effects. • Strengthens hair from the roots to the end. • Makes hair soft and shiny, easy to style and full of volume.

Argan Hair Mask

Rs 750.00 Rs 600.00

CocoaMazing - 2in1 Conditioner & Hair Mask

Rs 1,550.00 Rs 1,240.00

• Made with Vitamin E-rich Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter • Adds Softness & Volume to Thin, Dull & Weak Hair

Hair Mayonnaise with Argan & Aloe Vera

Rs 1,190.00 Rs 952.00

Nourishing Hair Mask | Enriched with Argan Oil & Aloe Vera Extract 🌿 | For Dandruff-free, Strong and Vibrant Hair | 300ml

Hair Mayonnaise with Black Seed

Rs 1,190.00 Rs 952.00

Deep Conditioning Hair Mask | Enriched with Black Seed Oil 🌿 | For Soft, Hydrated and Shiny Hair | 300ml

Naturistic - Organic Argan Oil with Vitamin E

Rs 1,050.00

• Enriched with vitamin E is a versatile oil that exfoliates, tones and moisturizes the skin, helps reduce acne, stretch marks, dryness and roughness. • It conditions the nails and moisturizes cuticles, heals cracked lips while making them soft and smooth,• A perfect leave-in hair conditioner as it makes hair easier to style, repairs split ends, tames frizz and adds a healthy shine. • Add this oil to your daily beauty routine for head to toe nourishment

Naturistic - Vitamin E Oil

Rs 550.00 Rs 440.00

• Provides the nutrients and antioxidants essential for healthy skin, hair and body. • Reduces acne, stretch marks, blemishes, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. • Strengthens nails, promotes hair growth and treats split ends.

Naturistic - Hair Mask | 120ml

Rs 1,050.00 Rs 840.00

• helps repair dull and damaged hair by providing natural nourishment. • contains natural ingredients like argan oil, macadamia oil and linseed oil that make the hair smooth and shiny. • 100% organic

BananaCha - Hair Mask

Rs 1,590.00 Rs 1,272.00

Silicone-free A sweet-smelling naturally nourishing food for your hair with softening herbal extracts- Banana Flower and Chamomile