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AntiMig Migraine Relief Oil 10ml

Migraine Relief Oil with Lavender Oil | 100% Active Ingredients | Used for Relief from Migraine Headaches | 10ml
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A careful mix of soothing and relaxing oils like Lavender, Rosemary, and Mint to help relieve and ease headaches caused by migraine.

🌿 Calming, soothing and sedative Lavender, promotes comfort with increased relaxation, relieving the migraine headache.

🌿 Rosemary may have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that can be helpful in relieving pain and improving blood circulation.

🌿 Mint Oil contains menthol which helps in relaxing muscles and easing pain from migraines.


– TOPICALLY Apply a small amount around the temple, forehead, back of your neck and above the eyebrows, avoiding the eye area

– Add a few drops in hot water and INHALE the steam vapor as required

– DIFFUSE a few drops in an air diffuser/ humidifier

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