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Feeling confused as to gift what to your loved one? PK Hemani is here with exclusive new offers for men and women including fragrances and more. We have men grooming products as gifts too. Order now and buy your favorite one.


Go To Skin Care Routine Bundle

Rs 5,945.00 Rs 4,460.00

The "Go-To Skin Care Routine Bundle" is a complete and effective regimen that combines essential products to nourish, protect, and revitalize your skin. This routine includes a face mist, foaming face wash, sunblock, face cream, and perfume to meet all your skincare and fragrance needs.

Ready Set Glam Bundle

Rs 13,750.00 Rs 10,315.00

The "Ready Set Glam Bundle" is a special package that includes a variety of makeup and skincare products. It has everything you need for a complete beauty routine.

Daily Glow & Care Bundle

Rs 2,155.00 Rs 1,615.00

The Daily Glow & Care Bundle is your ultimate package for a rejuvenating daily routine. With a gentle face wash to cleanse and refresh your skin, a nourishing hand wash for clean and soft hands, a fade out cream to help even out your skin tone, a revitalizing hair oil for lustrous locks, and a refreshing body spray to keep you feeling fresh all day, this bundle has everything you need to glow and care for yourself from head to toe.

Complete Hair Repair Pack

Rs 4,290.00 Rs 3,220.00

The Complete Hair Repair Pack is a comprehensive solution for damaged hair. This bundle includes a nourishing shampoo, a deep conditioning mask, and a revitalizing serum, all formulated with potent ingredients to restore strength, shine, and vitality to your locks. Say goodbye to dryness, breakage, and dullness with this all-in-one hair care bundle.

Daily Self-Care Regime

Rs 3,455.00 Rs 2,590.00

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Dewy Glow Hydration Pack

Rs 2,370.00 Rs 1,780.00

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Whitening Radiance Kit

Rs 2,120.00 Rs 1,590.00

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No More Acne Bundle

Rs 3,925.00 Rs 2,945.00

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Slim & Nourish Wellness Pack

Rs 2,270.00 Rs 1,929.50

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Go Away Freckle

Rs 4,270.00 Rs 3,200.00

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Night Regime Bundle

Rs 5,135.00 Rs 3,850.00

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Gift for HIM

Rs 3,365.00 Rs 2,525.00

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Gift for HER

Rs 3,545.00 Rs 2,660.00

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Bridal Beauty Bundle

Rs 2,675.00 Rs 2,005.00

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Natural Glow Skincare Kit

Rs 1,790.00 Rs 1,345.00

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Wellness & Immunity Kit

Rs 2,505.00 Rs 2,129.25

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Relax & Rejuvenate Spa Set

Rs 4,175.00 Rs 3,130.00

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Nourish and Glow Beauty Set

Rs 3,875.00 Rs 2,905.00

The Nourish and Glow Beauty Set is a curated collection of skincare essentials designed to nourish and enhance your natural beauty. Packed with luxurious ingredients, this set will leave your skin feeling revitalized, radiant, and glowing with a healthy, youthful complexion.