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Bakhoor Makkah

Oriental | Occasionally or Daily Use | 35g
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Enhance your fragrance rituals with our Oriental collection of bakhoors. An homage to the sacred places of Saudi Arabia, these bakhoors are an essence of tranquillity that goes beyond merely smelling good, creating an atmosphere of blessings and peace in your surroundings. Our specially crafted incenses calm your souls akin to the calming presence of the sacred places, allowing you to escape the worries of the world.

How to use:

  • Place the charcoal inside an incense burner or a bakhoor holder.
  •Apply fire through matchstick or lighter to the plate till you see the coal spark and glow.
  •Once the charcoal is covered with grey ash implying it is hot, place a small piece of bakhoor on the disc and experience the pleasant aroma of bakhoor.

Note: Remember to exercise caution when handling burning the charcoal and bakhoor to avoid accidents.

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