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Honey Hakim

With added benefits of energizing Ginseng, immune strengthening Propolis and antioxidant Royal Jelly
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Asal al Hakim or Hakim Honey comes with added benefits of Ginseng, Propolis and Royal Jelly. It is specially formulated to bring the best high-quality ingredients together in single honey that is loaded with goodness. It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. 

 Anti-bacterial properties
 Relief from sore throat, cold & flu
 Soothes & treats seasonal allergies
 Full of anti-oxidants
 Anti-inflammatory properties

Royal Jelly:
 Aids in regulating cholesterol levels
 Rich in anti-oxidants
 Boosts immune system
 Enhances mental clarity
 Boosts skin healing
 Loaded with vitamins
 Anti-inflammatory properties
 Improves brain health
 Improves skin health

 Energy booster
 Strengthens immune system
 Detoxifies the body
 Improves blood circulation
 Improves skin health
 Increases vitality
 Anti-aging properties
 Improves mental health
 Improves endurance

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