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Jaguar Boost Honey 200gm

Rs 1,250.00

• Sweet Aphrodisiac • 100% Natural • For Men

Stallion Honey Box

Rs 850.00

• Sweet Aphrodisiac • 100% Natural • For Men’s Health •4 sachets per box

Bulgarian Rose Honey with 24K Gold Flakes | Aijaz Aslam

Rs 3,390.00

Bulgarian Rose Extract and 24K Gold Flakes infused Sidr Honey

Honey Hakim

Rs 1,810.00

With added benefits of energizing Ginseng, immune strengthening Propolis and antioxidant Royal Jelly

Pure Honey for Kids

Rs 570.00

✔️ Healthy and Natural ✔️ Source of Vitamins and Minerals ✔️ Boosts Immunity ✔️ Soothes Cough ✔️ Increases Energy ✔️ Use as sweetener

Honey for Slimming

Rs 1,225.00

Honey is an excellent source of energy, vitamins, minerals and nutrients essential for a healthy body. Slimming Honey is a unique blend of honey with essential slimming ingredients that aids in weight loss by increasing metabolism and improving digestion.

Honey with Saffron - 250g

Rs 755.00

Pure Honey - 125g

Rs 400.00

Pure Honey - 250g

Rs 610.00

Pure Honey - 500g

Rs 1,170.00

Pure Sidr Honey - 450g

Rs 1,950.00

Honey with Black Seed - 250g

Rs 610.00

Honey with Ginger - 250g

Rs 610.00

Honey with Ginseng - 250g

Rs 610.00

Mastic Honey with Silver Flakes

Rs 2,450.00

Unique Mix of Luxurious Edible Silver Flakes in Rich Sidr Honey with Pure Chios Mastic Extract 🍯

Honey Spoon - Black Seed

Rs 460.00

Honey Spoon Cinnamon

Rs 460.00

Honey Spoon - Ginger

Rs 460.00